Winter Wonderland at MacGregor Point


Every fall, I trick myself into believing I like winter. I look forward to the first snowfall, to mornings spent snowshoeing by the river, to glistening trees in the moonlight.

It seems those winter days are few and far between though! For months on end, our days are either damp, grey and dreary, or bright and bitterly cold.

So one day in October, after all the leaves had fallen and the weather was turning cold, I decided to plan the perfect winter vacation. I booked a yurt with visions of a beautiful, snowy park and scenery worthy of a Hallmark Christmas card.

That’s exactly what we got!



We drove through the very quiet campground to the park host’s site to buy a bag of firewood and pick up a guide. During winter, the office has very limited hours.

Then we continued on to site #90.

I loved it instantly! Our yurt was warm and cozy when we arrived. The driveway had been plowed and the electric heat turned on. A key was hung by the door.



We spent the next few days barbecuing, enjoying ice-cold drinks by the fire, skating, hiking and skiing.

Winter Activities

Skating – The skating loop was my main reason for choosing MacGregor Point. It was just as lovely as I imagined.

We arrived at the warming hut, changed into our skates and headed out with a bit of trepidation.  I hadn’t skated in over 25 years! I had bought some skates on the way up and was determined to make it around at least once without falling down.

He Didn’t Fall Down Either!
Pretty Nighttime Skate

Cross-Country Skiing – The Deer Run is a groomed trail, winding through 11 kms of hardwood and wetland areas. I skied a small section of this trail through the woods near the skating loop. This was my first time on Cross-Country skis in about 30 years, so I didn’t want to overdo it! I enjoyed the peaceful trail through the woods.


Hiking – A few trails are available for hiking during the winter. We hiked along the Old Shore Road Trail all the way out to Sunset Point.

The boardwalk section was beautiful. The snow was just perfect, chickadees were landing on my hand, and the walk was easy.


I started to wish I had worn my snowshoes as we headed out to Sunset Point.We traipsed through the deep snow, braved the wind, and entered a world of strikingly beautiful and endless white.

Lake Huron

Snowshoeing  The unused roads in Nipissing Campground are recommended for snowshoeing. I didn’t have time to check out this area.

Planning a Visit?

Our few days here were fabulous! I highly recommend a winter visit to MacGregor Point. We were not overly impressed with our summer experience there, but some people love it.

During the winter, electrical campsites and yurts are available in the Huron Campground. Yurts are heated by electric heat or wood stove. Check the descriptions before booking.


Happy Camping!

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