This morning I went snowshoeing for the first time ever! Well, asides from the few times with traditional snowshoes…but that was long ago…and not at all the same thing.

I joined a local 24 hour auction FB group recently, with the purpose of finding both snowshoes and cross country skis. I scored both within a week of joining! I had a tough choice this morning. Which to try first?  I honestly opted for the snowshoes because I wasn’t too keen to try them. I decided to get the ordeal over with. I thought they would be awkward and not a lot of fun. And I was pretty sure I would end up face-first in the sow.

I bought them to eventually use while winter camping, and to try on the trails here when it might be awkward to carry skis. I love the beauty of the trails in winter, not so much the trudging through the snow to see them! I was hoping the snowshoes would be great for this, but I was not super optimistic.

Turns out, I love snowshoeing! It took absolutely no time to get used to.  I didn’t even feel like I had to change the way I walked at all.

Eramosa River Trail

It snowed last night and not all the sidewalks had been cleared, so I put them on in my driveway, and off I went! Totally made the uncleared sidewalks a breeze. Made it to the river trail with no issues. I sunk down a bit crossing over snowbanks, but that’s about it. I did the main trail and some mostly unused side trails.

My jeans and boots stayed dry and I got to enjoy the peace and beauty of today’s winter-wonderland! Amazing! My Tubbs snowshoes are designed for trails, so I am not sure how they would be for back-country. It will be awhile before I need them for that anyway. I’m sure they will be better than no snowshoes!

Eramosa River


Tomorrow – Cross Country Skiing!


3 thoughts on “Snowshoes!

  1. Did you use hiking poles with them? I bought a pair last winter but due to a sprained knee didn’t get to try them…now I’m concerned about hurting the knee


    1. I didn’t, though I think I would take the poles that came with the cross country skis for more difficult terrain! This was all flat. I found the snowshoes less stressful on my body than walking without them – I don’t have knee issues, but my lower back didn’t hurt at all afterwards! Hopefully you get to try yours this winter


      1. I tried them out on New Year’s Day and I agree it’s pretty easy to use. I didn’t need my hiking pole as it was fairly flat but could see how they would come in handy on hills.


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