Birding With Kids

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My 5-year-old daughter recently received a pair of Nancy B’s Binoculars. A gift she didn’t even know she wanted! But she was delighted when she opened the package, and got right to her observations! She grabbed the activity journal and a pen and got right to it, out the window of a Toronto high-rise! While I admired her enthusiasm, there was not much wildlife to be seen. She went ahead and drew the buildings, taking notes.


Since then, we’ve been having fun on the Guelph trails, mostly along the Eramosa River. During our hikes, I had a realization. I am not good at identifying birds! So far we have written Canada Geese and Mallards in her journal.

So – I went out and purchased the Lone Pine Compact Guide to Ontario Birds. This great guide covers everything we need to know, with nice full-page illustrations. It’s easy for my daughter to find what we are looking for and she even chose it for her bedtime story this evening.

Do your kids have any interests that have surprised you?

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