I feel like I should love winter. For the sake of my kids, for the sake of my sanity, and for the sake of the blog. I can certainly roam Ontario, from indoors to indoors…but I feel that isn’t quite right. And it isn’t quite accurate.

I really do want to go winter camping….well…yurting. And I am totally hoping I find some snow shoes or cross country skis under the tree this year.

And I almost wish my husband loved winter, so he would also wish there were a pair of snowshoes under the tree this year, for him. So I would have his enthusiasm to bound along with.

Except that I don’t really…if I’m perfectly honest with myself. I want to be the one championing winter, who says, “My, it’s so fresh this morning! We should go tobogganing, or at least for a quick ski along the nearby trail!” Because then it will only happen on my terms, or maybe not even then. Then I’ll not have the responsibility of denying the pleasures of winter. And I can love winter when I want to, on the perfect days, when it really is a glistening winter wonderland, and the temperature is not a mile below zero. And I do love it then…but here, in southern Ontario, those days are few and far between.

I love the first snowfall, I love the snow when it is white and shimmering, I love when my boots are dry and the wind isn’t trying to shatter my face. I love the crunching under my boots, and how still the night is, with the blanket of snow.

I love the winter of movies, of books, of childhood memories, of wood-stoves and knitted mittens, of hot chocolate and frozen ponds.

So this winter, I will try. I will try to love winter more often, not just in short, fierce, nostalgia-driven bursts.

So, time to get that yurt booked, and hope for a perfect winter-wonderland.

There aren’t many available – most have been booked already by more organized people, so looks like we’ll be re-visiting MacGregor Point! Hoping for a better experience this time!

4 thoughts on “Winter…love…

  1. LOL. I am doing the same but a bit farther along than you, not much, just a bit. I bought the snowshoes, and the snow will not fall! Even in Algonquin, they have next to none, if there is any left? I am going winter camping in 2 weeks (in a yurt) and in February in a tent. For the first time EVER I am looking forward to snow, but it will not come. So for you, my friend, I say this, you’re welcome! I’m almost certain if I was not looking forward to the snow, it would be here, long ago! And until you find your love for it, I will happily share my ‘new like’ with it on my blog with you. (fyi- you should look for a yurt immediately! unless you are trying to get out of going… lol. I booked mine 2 months ago and barely got one.) Looking forward to seeing how things go with you and mr winter! 🙂 (I’m sure it’s a man! lol).

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  2. Ha, well, I’m mostly determined to love the snow this year! We’re booking tonight – MacGregor is the only one I can find that has a few on the days we can go. Killarney (surprisingly) and Windy lake as well, but we’re just going for a night. Too far for us! I’m looking forward to hearing about your winter tent camping!


  3. I love winter until mid-January, when it becomes gross and feels like it will never end. Not going to lie though, I’m happy it’s still reasonably nice out this late into the season.


    1. I’m definitely looking forward to heading south at the end of February – February is the month I can barely handle. It’s the (warm) light at the end of the month!


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